For many organisations, the turnover tax determines a fifth of the cash flows. And if that is not the case, sales tax is often a direct cost item. Sales tax or VAT (value added tax) is an indirect tax that is levied on the provision of a good or service. That sounds simple, but it can be complex or even undesirable in certain situations. Our experienced team will be happy to help you continue to comply with the dynamic VAT laws and regulations, and to determine and optimise your VAT position.  

More than VAT

Our specialists have a lot of experience in real estate, the automotive sector, and international trade, amongst other fields. We are therefore also able to assist you with other indirect taxes, such as transfer tax, motor vehicle tax, and import duties.

What does RED do?

Whether your company is large or small, RED can help you. We advise multinationals, (semi-)governmental companies, SMEs, and tax consultancy and accountancy firms without their own value added tax specialist, and assist notaries and law firms.

Naturally, our experienced specialists have up-to-date knowledge of laws and regulations, and enjoy translating the complex VAT legislation into practice. Practically, enthusiastically, and competently.

Contact RED. VAT for:

  • Consultancy in the field of VAT and transfer tax, both nationally and across borders
  • Assistance with VAT automation and ERP implementations
  • Support with tax audits, and objection and appeal procedures
  • Compliance activities (value added tax declarations, ICP declaration, Intrastat and MOSS declarations)
  • Conducting value added tax scans
  • Providing (in-house) VAT training programs
  • The filing of VAT refund requests
  • Taking care of (EU) VAT registrations


Our team of experienced specialists advises a wide range of medium to large multinationals (including many listed groups) as well as private equity groups. In addition we work a lot with law firms, accountancy firms and tax advisors who outsource their VAT work to us.

Upon request we will gladly provide you with references of satisfied clients in your industry or market.

RED advice

We have our own distinctive style of advising you that is characterized by the open and direct way of communication, our high-quality pragmatic advice and a quick turnaround.

Ask Gerben.

Email Gerben if you have any questions.


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