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Anyone who has had to deal with wage tax or social security contributions knows how complex and detailed the legislation in these areas can be. Whether you hire employees, want to reward employees in a special way, are a self-employed person who is struggling to find the right contract, or an employee who is seconded internationally by your employer, you can run into complicated regulations that you do not fully understand.

Here at RED, we like to work together with employers and employees at a personal level. We would like to show you that it is possible to be creative, give the best possible advice for everyday practical situations, and at the same time have fun with our clients and our team.

What does RED do?

You can find a lot of information about wage tax and social security on the Internet, but that general explanation often does not exactly match your situation. RED helps you translate complicated regulations on wage tax and social insurance into simple and understandable solutions that work in practical situations.

We have a lot of experience with share remuneration, due diligence work, working expenses schemes, customary wages, and international mobile employees. With the help of RED, you can once again fully focus on your own work as an employer or employee.

Contact RED. People Tax for:

  • Wage and Income tax
  • Social insurance – national and international
  • Share remuneration / Lucrative interest
  • Due Diligence
  • Wage tax scan
  • Working expenses scheme
  • Fixed cost reimbursement
  • 30% scheme
  • International mobile employees
  • Chain and hiring liability
  • Customary wages and Continued wage scheme
  • Tax Control Framework


Our team of experienced specialists advises a wide range of medium to large multinationals (including many listed groups) as well as private equity groups. In addition we work a lot with law firms, accountancy firms and tax advisors who outsource their people tax work to us.

Upon request we will gladly provide you with references of satisfied clients in your industry or market.

RED advice

We have our own distinctive style of advising you that is characterized by the open and direct way of communication, our high-quality pragmatic advice and a quick turnaround.

Ask Gertjan.

Email Gertjan if you have any questions.


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