RED. Business Restructuring

Organizations change all the time. And almost every material organizational change process will have tax consequences, especially in cross-border situations. RED. Business Restructuring will help you to deal with these operational developments.

There can be a variety of drivers for a business restructuring. A post-acquisition integration, a (de)centralization of accountabilities and responsibilities, the set-up of a shared services center, an ERP implementation or a supply chain streamline all require proper attention for the tax business model.

What does RED do?

RED will help you to align your tax business model with the organization. This is not just about considering all relevant tax aspects (transfer pricing, corporate tax, indirect taxes, withholding taxes), but also very the interaction between the tax aspects on the one hand and operational considerations on the other. This will help you to anchor the tax business model in daily operations, systems and processes.

You can utilize RED as your expert sparring partner, have us be part of your (project) team or outsource your project to RED altogether.

RED facilitates decision-making processes, by assessing the qualitative feasibility as well as the quantitative impact of your tax business models.

Contact RED. Business Restructering for:

  • Support in organizational change
  • A risk assessment of your current tax business model
  • A tax business model option comparison


Our team of experienced specialists advises a wide range of medium to large multinationals (including many listed groups) as well as private equity groups. In addition we work a lot with law firms, accountancy firms and tax advisors who outsource their business restructuring work to us.

Upon request we will gladly provide you with references of satisfied clients in your industry or market.

RED advice

We have our own distinctive style of advising you that is characterized by the open and direct way of communication, our high-quality pragmatic advice and a quick turnaround.

Ask Dirk.

Email Dirk if you have any questions.


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