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Your company is active in multiple countries. You perform or provide cross-border internal services or deliveries. It is therefore important to comply with the legal requirements for transfer pricing. Does this apply to you?  Read more >


Anyone who has to occasionally deal with payroll tax or social insurance (People Tax) knows how complex and detailed the legislation in these areas can be. You may run into complicated regulations. Are you unable to make heads or tails of it? Read more >


As a company, you cannot escape paying VAT. You are legally required to do so. Moreover, governments are using indirect taxes to a greater extent to maintain their revenue at the desired level. How do you deal with this as efficiently as possible? Read more >


Your organisation is changing. Almost every organisational change has fiscal consequences, especially in cross-border situations. RED Business Restructuring helps you manage these operational developments and guide them in the right direction. Read more >

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RED Tax - TP - article Brexit

Claim your UK VAT back by 31 March 2021!

Due to the end of the transition period after Brexit, the EU VAT refund procedure will no longer apply to English VAT. You can reclaim English VAT ...
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RED Tax - VAT - acticle VAT rules fictitious supply

Out of sight, but not out of mind

Each time a trader moves his goods across EU borders, he should check whether there are VAT implications. Many situations do not lead to additional VAT obligations, ...
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RED Tax - TP - artikel Covid-19 gevolgen

Wat zijn de gevolgen van COVID-19 op mijn Transfer Pricing policy? Dat hangt ervan af…

De gevolgen van COVID-19 zijn enorm. Naast de gevolgen van de uitbraak van het virus voor mens en maatschappij, zijn de weeën van de uitbraak in economische ...
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